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Know The Qualification Required To Be Medical Assistant

High College Graduate or GED Equivalent. Graduate from an authorized Medical Assistant Program which identifies: both medical and classroom instruction sufficient to satisfy state requirements.

Experience: Minimum of one 1 year supervised experience as being a Medical Assistant inside the last three years.


Certificate of Instruction in Medical Assisting Front and Back again Office procedures.

Certificate of Instruction in Injections, Skin Tests and Withdrawal of Blood.

National Certification from National Center for Computing Testing Optional.

Valid BCLS card C-Course Provider.

Good verbal, written and interpersonal skills.

Proficiency in the English language.

Current Well being Certificate Proof of Rubella immunization or Rubella Titer; documentation of Varicella; Hepatitis B Screening; pre-employment physical examination and yearly T.B. screening with chest X-ray for positive reaction.

Passing of Medical Assistant examination with a score of 85% or more.


The Medical Assistant is responsible towards the Agency Director of Nursing.

In being assigned to some medical facility through EZ Staffing Inc., the Medical Assistant is accountable towards the Physician, Registered Nurse or LPN-Licensed-Vocational-Nurse-LVN/">Licensed Vocational Nurse for providing high quality care by:

Executing common office duties which includes but not restricted to answering telephones, scheduling appointments, sustaining and retrieving medical records, filing, handling mail and finishing all nursing types.

Assisting in offering care to age particular patient population like adolescent, young grownup, grownup and older adult.

Performing patient treatment duties within the scope of Medical Assistant training. The duties include but are not limited to obtaining patient history, collection of specimen, veni- puncture, injections, important indicators, assisting with exams, charting, use & control of supplies and applying sterile techniques.

Safeguarding and respecting the patient's rights and confidentiality.

Demonstrating the ability to perform and respond appropriately in emergency situations.

Developing and maintaining effective communication with patients, families and other professionals to ensure on-going provision of patient treatment.

Acting as a patient advocate by using proper communication channels until the problem is solved.

Demonstrating working knowledge and following OSHA guidelines.

Executing tasks and/ or interacting with patients, families, staff and other personnel in a courteous, honest and compassionate manner.

Shown above is the qualification required to be medical assistant. Becoming medical assistant is not an easy task.

You should complete all the basic medical assistant requirements which is listed above after that medical assistant duties and medical assistant job description can be performed in well manner and lastly medical assistant salary will be also high

Complete your medical assistant requirements to become qualified medical assistant. After that medical assistant pay will be high

Florida Nursing Jobs:How to Find Registered Nursing Jobs

If you have a nursing degree there are plenty of registered nursing jobs available across the country. These employers and companies are hunting for qualified applicants and they need to hire people for these positions as soon as possible. You can find registered nursing jobs through classified ads as well as through online listings. There are also employment agencies that use medical headhunters to actively recruit individuals for corporate nursing jobs.

Bachelor's degrees aren't always required in order to enter the nursing profession, but it is evident that the more educated a registered nurse is, the better that individual might be prepared to care for patients. Professional nursing associations have been encouraging registered nurses to recognize entry level trends in the field and to advance their degrees to fill needs in areas such as advanced practice specialties and nurse educators.

Nursing homes always need people to fill their Florida Nursing Jobs s and these positions can include openings for directors, part time or week end options. California and Florida have always had a high need for registered nurses and they recruit people through travel nursing companies every week. Travel companies and other contractors recruit heavily for their registered nursing jobs and they will often offer double the salary of your local hospitals if you work for them.

Nursing Recruitment Agencies hire licensed nurses and then send them on temporary / per diem assignments to a facility of their choice. Nursing Staffing Companies offer such perks as High Salary, Signing Bonus, Relocation Reimbursement, Furnished Housing, Companion/Pet Accompany Free, Medical, Dental & Vision, Life Insurance, Company Matched 401-k Plan, Education Benefits, Licensure Reimbursement and Completion Bonus. Of course, the more high-quality perks they offer, the less they'll pay you in-hand, for, after all, they offer perks from the money they've decided to give you, which in turn gets paid to them by the healthcare facility. After deducting their operating costs and a profit margin, they then decide the candidate nurses package. So, choose your agency, healthcare facility and nursing job wisely.

Several colleges and universities have nevertheless have Florida Nursing Jobs s, including programs that provide professional nurses with shorter routes to obtaining their degrees. These offerings include RN to BSN programs at public colleges and universities in Florida. RN to BSN programs are typically intended for registered nurses with hospital diplomas or Associate's degrees. Nursing degree programs also are changing as a means of accommodating changes associated with healthcare reform. In some instances, for example, registered nurses might have to assist in filling demands placed on primary care physicians. Florida continuously works to establish ways to draw and keep qualified nurses. The state's responses to health care challenges could also affect nationwide policies.

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Find Good Nursing Schools

For most people, salary is the primary concern when seeking to make a job change. However, there are a variety of additional considerations which are equally important in ensuring long term job satisfaction. Take some time to review your needs with regard to each of the factors listed below and then devise a strategic plan so that you can focus your job search only on those opportunities most aligned to the needs you have defined.

Before you can apply to a nursing school you must have a high school diploma; it also helps if you have taken related classes such as chemistry, nutrition, biology, math, etc. You can start your nursing education at a community college, trade school or vocational school where you can obtain the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN degree) in about two years. Such a degree will qualify you to begin an entry-level health care career, or continue your training to the next levels, the Bachelor of Science (BSN), the Master of Science (MSN), and even a Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS or DNSc). The choice is up to you.

Schools for nursing are designed to prepare health care professionals at all levels of the field, from certified nursing assistants (CNAs), to RNs, to LPNs, and far beyond. Graduate studies will allow you to specialize in one specific area of the field and become a respected and valued expert in health care. You could become a clinical nurse leader (CNL), a clinical nurse specialist (CNS), or even a teacher!

Salary Benefits of BSN Most BSN holders make a higher salary than an RN. Obviously, the pay differential depends on the hospital or employer. The BSN is not guaranteed to suddenly catapult the degree-holder to new heights of wealth, but the BSN can expect to start at a slightly higher average than RNs who do not have the four-year degree. New Nursing Schools.

Opportunity Benefits of BSN More and more, hospitals, clinics, and other health care institutions are beginning to require the BSN. Hospitals in the past would simply hire based on the RN. The requirements today are much higher. It will help move you to the front of the list of potential hires for the job you want. Education Benefits of BSN The BSN is the building block for pursuing higher education. Without a bachelor's degree, it is impossible to move on to earn one's master's degree in nursing (MSN), gain nurse-practitioner training, or pursue other education advancements. The BSN will provide a level of education that opens up the possibility of furthering one's career by taking it to the next level. For someone just entering the field of nursing, the BSN is a logical option due to the risks and rewards present. There are RNs who find it unnecessary to pursue a higher degree but could still find the training beneficial.

Registered Nurse Programs:RN To BSN Programs-What Are They All About?

Are you aware that statistics show by the year 2020, there will be a nursing shortage of more than 1.7 million? The US Department of Labor based on statistics shows that registered nurses will be among the top professions in the USA by 2012. If you have an interest in the nursing profession, but you are concerned about the time and money involved in becoming an R.N., you should consider studying to become an LPN, or Licensed Practical Nurse, this is an ideal stepping stone in your nursing career, requiring much less an initial education, allowing you to get into the workforce that much easier and quickly.

Whether it's time or financial constraints that are holding you back, there's now a new option available to you that will help you overcome your obstacles. Of course, I am talking about the new online RN to BSN educations that are now available to you.

As a registered nurse, no doubt you have odd hours and a well established life to juggle around it. That's the beauty of online Registered Nurse Programs , because it allows extreme flexibility and the freedom to do things at your own pace. Instead of adding another commute to your already long days, you can do it from the comfort and convenience of your own home. And once you complete the program, you will no doubt find a wealth of opportunities open to you, including more choices for advancement and increased remuneration.

So, what are the benefits of taking a RN to BSN program? The biggest difference is in terms of salary. As you will now effectively be an upper level nurse, you can expect to receive a higher paying salary. Completing a RN to BSN program can really open up doors career-wise as it can be the next step to achieving your dream job. If you are going for a supervisory nursing role, then you will almost certainly need a BSN degree in order to be considered. In general, most hospitals actually prefer nurses to have gone down the RN to BSN degree route as this will ensure that you will have spent a great deal of time soaking up the knowledge and experience necessary to be the best nurse possible. A BSN degree is also the best way to immediately get a well paid job in the nursing industry. In terms of personal achievement, a BSN degree ensures that you know exactly how to provide the very best care possible.

In order to get onto a BSN program, you will need to have a high school diploma however, if you are a Registered Nurse Programs , you will already have one of these as well as associates degree in nursing. Nowadays, many colleges and universities are making it easier than ever for registered nurses to obtain a BSN and get back on track with their careers. You can choose from a range of accelerated programs; you can choose to take time off work and complete the degree as a full time student, but if this is not possible then you can attend night classes or even complete your degree online in your own time. If you are a registered nurse looking for the next challenge in your career then you should look seriously into obtaining a bachelors of Science in nursing.

The Licensed Practical Nurse Job Description

A registered practical nurse-LPN-is in fact a nurse who works underneath the guidance of a physician or registered nurse to give sufferers who're physically or psychologically sick. The LPN job type features a large kind of accountabilities varying from helping sufferers managing their everyday living activities, to giving with medicines and remedies.

The possible nurse must also succeed at the NCLEX-LN state examination before they're issued a license and let to practice. LPN courses often take 12 to 18 months to complete, and LPNs can be employed in public or private health care arenas in acute care or long term care establishments.

People considering employment in the ground of practical nursing is going to learn about it are a multi-faceted position. Though an LPN's regular training may be 12-18 months in duration, people performing work in the area of practical nursing are going to swiftly understand their education takes on all through their work. The following comprise of the common duties that the LPN need to expect to undertake every day:

Monitoring Vital Symptoms

LPNs usually make use of stethoscopes, pulse oximeters, blood pressure indicators, thermometers as well with other apparatuses to watch patients' important signs each day.

Giving Medicines

A practical nurse can also be ought to take care of intravenous and oral medicines to sick persons, in addition to injectable medicines like as insulin. Medicines are provided beneath the supervision of the physician, and while a nurse doesn't have command to alternate the sick person's dosage or prescription.

Wound Care

Cleansing wounds as well as changing bandages will definitely also be frequent responsibilities of LPNs. Such jobs are must to be carried out under sterile surroundings together with protective gear is needed as soon as the nurse is in touch with the sufferer's wound.

While the previously mentioned LPN job outline isn't comprehensive, it gives one a necessary learning of the typical daily obligations of the licensed practical nurse. Individuals who are interested about a practical career in nursing really should obtain certain information for the state in which they reside.